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Shift The Work Place Environment

Give Us A Date, We'll Give You An Experience

Seamlessly Create Staff Appreciation Events

Find a food vendor close by to service staff during lunch periods or after hours. Tell us what your food preference is and we will find a certified vendor that suits your needs. Book a date with our trouble- and payment-free service.
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Give Us a Date So We Can Set Up For You

Forward Our Simple Marketing Materials

Enjoy The Event!

We will plan an event with your organization on a date that works best for you. You get to choose which type of vendor you want to service your event, and then pay a small booking fee.

We will send you a marketing plan over email in advance, so that you can simply forward the message to staff to increase attendance on the day of the event.

Congrats! The vendor showed up, and you can have that delicious meal you've been looking forward to. Go ahead, you've earned it!

Serve Your Students

Make football games, fun runs, field days, and other school-hosted events more enjoyable and memorable with quality vendors. Allow students to purchase delicious food from vendors, who go through not only state but also Evendtor's certification process to make sure that every meal served is a safe one.

Schools We've Worked With

We have helped coordinate three or more events for...

Eric flohr.jpg

Mr. Flohr

Principal of Hononegah High School

mike plourde.jpg

Mr. Plourde

Principal of Willowbrook Middle School

kevin finnegan.jpeg

Mr. Finnegan

Principal of Prairie Hill Middle School

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