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Have Events Planned To Benefit You.  Simple, Fast, and Easy

What Is Evendtor?

Evendtor is a service company that arranges exciting events around the State Line area for local organizations, such as businesses and fairs. Vendors will be called to service these large events to help them boost revenue throughout the week, gain more exposure, and grow a larger presence in the community. Organizations and Vendors, after signing up to host or attend an event, receive the benefit of having us easily, quickly, and simply coordinate high quality event days.


Meet The Team

Jordan Dehil - Jalen Ponder - Maggie Yoho

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" I have started multiple businesses since the age of 13. I just can't seem to sit still; if I'm not improving, I feel as if I'm not achieving all I can be. Ever since my move from Detroit at a young age, I just knew that I had to be successful and to give back to where I came from."

Jalen Ponder, CEO

"Dancing, acting, singing have all been passions for me. I love the challenge they present and the drive to get better. I have started coordinating more dances and events in the community, and these skills make me an irreplaceable piece in Evendtor."

Maggie Yoho - COO

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“If we are making progress, but we are not having fun doing it, we aren’t doing something right. I help make our atmosphere more enjoyable by being relatable and coming to work with a smile on my face. I have dedicated more than a year to marketing for the company.”

Jordan Dehil - Marketer


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