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We Have Events Planned To Benefit You.  Simple, Fast, and Easy


What Is Evendtor?

Evendtor is a service company that arranges exciting events around the State Line area for local organizations, such as businesses and fairs. Vendors will be called to service these large events to help them boost revenue throughout the week, gain more exposure, and grow a larger presence in the community. Organizations and Vendors, after signing up to host or attend an event, receive the benefit of having us easily, quickly, and simply coordinate high quality event days.

Food Cart

About Founder

"We have worked with food vendors from all over Rockford, Beloit, Chicago, and Detroit to learn how to make our food truck booking service better, faster, and effecitve at solving our clients needs. We help trucks book large deals at companies like frito lay, Chrystler plants, and more"

Jalen Ponder


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