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(Rockford, IL) Olive Branch

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Authentic Greek food!!! We have gyros, soulvaki, greek salad, greek rice bowls, greek street fries, baklava, & loukoumades

What's Cookin?

Top Menu Items

Souvlaki Dinner

2 chicken or pork kabobs served on a bed of rice w/side greek salad, tzatziki sauce & pita bread

Greek Salad

lettuce with tomato, cucumber, onion tossed in our house dressing. Served with feta, kalamata olives, & pita bread

Gyro Sandwich

gyro (beef/lamb) piled high on a warm pita, with tomato, onion, & tztatziki sauce (OUR TOP SELLER)

Our Gallery

Who Is Olive Branch?

Meet Bob Christidis

How did Olive Branch get started?

This story starts back in the 1940s, when Bob’s father moved from Greece to America. On a visit back to Greece, he met Bob’s mother, and returned to America with a wife. Bob was born in the U.S., raised on his mother’s delicious home-cooking, and influenced by his father’s own culinary skills. His father worked as the head chef at both Wagon Wheel Lodge and Forest Hills Country Club. Coming from this childhood, it’s no wonder that one of Bob’s dreams is to own his own restaurant. He knew that starting a food truck would be the perfect first step to get there!

What is your favorite item?

Bob can’t get enough of the gyro sandwich and Greek street fries. Be sure to try some!

Why do you enjoy the food truck business?

Other than the fact that the restaurant business is clearly a big part of his life, Bob simply loves serving his community and giving out high quality food. He’s even been doing it since he was a kid, back when he helped his mother cook for events at their Greek church.

What is your favorite story from the food truck?

Bob’s fondest memory is of his very first year, when it was just him and his parents making food for private events. Soon, the name got out and people started contacting him! The Olive Branch has been growing ever since.

What are your future plans for the Olive Branch?

Bob’s next step is to start up a second truck, which will service either Rockford or break into Wisconsin. After that, he plans to finally own a sit-in restaurant, which he envisions as one day becoming an establishment of fine dining. Go Bob!

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